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It's a common question– why didn't they teach you financial basics in school? Sure you learned the Pythagorean theorem, but did you learn how to properly use credit or plan for retirement? If you find yourself asking this question and desire to sharpen your financial planning skills, this educational seminar is for you.

Join us on Tuesday, January 16th in the Springfield Library Center, Community Room B to learn the basics of financial planning. Doors will open at 5:30 PM. Hosted by Evans Wealth Planning, the seminar will cover these important money matters:

- setting goals
- budgeting
- emergency funds
- using credit
- investing
- tax planning
- saving for college
- retirement planning
- estate planning

"You owe it to yourself in this day and age to learn about financial planning and investing. The only one you're hurting is yourself by not taking the time to learn."

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