The Caring People

Posted on Jun 30, 2018 by Trina

When you change the life of a Single Mom; you change her children’s lives as well. That is the mission of The Caring People and they have seen restoration and hearts healed from difficult circumstances that many Single Moms experience. The ultimate goal is to disciple Single Moms. It’s their prayer that they bring other Single Moms to a relationship with the Lord, find a home church, and prosper.

The Caring People care about Single Moms. Specifically, they train and equip Caring Women from the church in mentoring Single Moms in small group settings called, “Care Groups.”

Founder,  JoDee Herschend is no stranger to impacting families.  The family business, Herschend Family Entertainment, owns and operates wonderful theme parks and entertainment attractions. But, JoDee Herschend knew God had a specific task for her. JoDee turned her sights on impacting families, led by Single Moms. 

You are invited to join with The Caring People in this life changing mission, touching the lives of Single Moms in a real and tangible way. Volunteers are needed to grow Care Groups across the United States.

Learn more at The Caring People website.

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