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CleanAIR Music Team


We believe that a radio station should play the songs that you want to hear! As a matter of fact, it is your opinions that help make 88.3 The Wind what it is! That's why we invite you to join our team, our CleanAIR Music Team!


How does a song make it's way onto 88.3 The Wind?

The initial decision to play a song on the radio is made by us. While the process of making that decision is often long and involves input from various sources, it's really just a best guess as to whether or not you will like that song. The decision to continue playing a song beyond an introductory period is up to you - through the CleanAIR Music Team.

Why the CleanAIR Music Team is important?

Each week, we review the songs on our current playlist and make a determination based on the input we receive for each song whether to play it more frequently, less frequently, or continue playing it at all. Because we make these decisions weekly, we would appreciate it if you would be involved in that decision by filling out a survey every week (or more often). Keep in mind that each survey page only offers you 15-20 songs at a time out of the hundreds that we play.

"But everything you play is great. You don't need my input," you say?

Well, thanks! We appreciate that. However, as more people become involved in the CleanAIR Music Team, it is their opinions that will influence what you hear on the radio. So, you can imagine that, without YOUR input, at some point we will be playing more and more songs someone else likes and you don't.

Get Started

Click here to sign up for the new survey system and help choose what you hear on 88.3 The Wind.